Paisley is SO over wedding planning...


HGTV, here we come!

One of Wade's & my favorite channels to watch is HGTV, especially the shows about buying and selling houses.  But we did our own little sprucing up last week while Wade was on spring break (read: Wade did 80% of the work; I did 20%).  We painted the master bedroom, both upstairs bathrooms and their ceilings, and my dresser.  

There will still be some improvements to come (i.e. actually hanging the pictures up instead of leaning them against the wall, and a couple new pieces of furniture and other wedding-gift type things :).  But here's how it looks so far...

Unfortunately this is the only "before" picture I got.  This is my bedroom - formerly painted a chocolate brown color (called Zanzibar Spice - ooh la la).  We thought the chocolate brown combined with black furniture would be a little dark.

And voila!  New light blue paint color (called Galactica), and new/semi-new bedding.  The white comforter was Wade's (I convinced him to get the white one last summer when he was getting bedding for his house after college - because I knew I wanted white bedding someday - sneaky, sneaky).  The taupe coverlet is new, from Wade's Aunt Kim, and the pillow and lamps also new.  They are sitting on their own boxes right now in the absence of night stands :).

Wade's black bookshelf was our first piece of black furniture, but we also plan to get a new black dresser and black bed.

We painted my dresser black, and I love it!

This is me trying to get the wall color, the shower curtain and the rug in the master bath all in one picture.  The wall color was leftover paint from some of the other rooms in the house, the rug is new and the shower curtain I had in the guest room back when I first moved in.

New bronze light fixture to match the existing towel bars.  (Please ignore the fact that one light bulb is missing.)

You can see more towel bars, and the artwork I bought to put up on that wall.  By the way, I have the smallest master bathroom known to man, so these were as wide of shots as I could get standing in the bathroom!

This is the guest room slash Wade's office!  We didn't paint this room, but we moved my old bed in here and inherited that desk from my grandfather.  The bed is sitting on the ground because we broke the bed frame while moving it - oops!

The newly improved guest bathroom... this used to have ugly '80s wallpaper with small rows of blue and pink flowers.  We peeled it all off and then had THE RESIDUE FROM HELL still stuck all over the walls.  Wade sanded with a power sander, chipped at it with spackle tools, sprayed it with water, vinegar, wallpaper removal chemicals - all to no avail.  So finally after 5 days of frustration, we decided we were just going to have "textured walls."  I put extra spackle on the walls to kindof artistically make it look like it was all on purpose, and then we painted it the same color as the bedroom.  Also got that new light fixture.

Here's the new black & white shower curtain that will be in here.  Everything will be black, white and chrome/nickel, except the walls.

And another view, where you can see the "T" we'll hang on the wall above the toilet!

Yikes, sorry this was so long!

Some Maddy pics

Madelyn is 2 months old today, so I thought I'd post some pictures of her (Hillary actually took these, not me). Soon I'm going to take some pictures of our "renovations" (i.e. painting) in the house and post them, but I have to clean up a little first.

Rah rah, Carolina-lina! National champs!

With mommy

Oh, that's just too funny! Stop, stop, really, my sides are aching!

Can this toothless grin not just melt your heart?

Already sporting mom jeans

Bath time

So cute!


Funny conversation

Wade is on spring break this week, so we agreed that it would be really helpful and sweet if he would do some painting in our house. We needed to paint the master bedroom, 2 bathrooms and the ceilings in the bathrooms, which have been peeling. Yesterday he worked on the ceilings all day, stripping the peeling paint, priming, spackling, cleaning brushes, etc. It was kindof a frustrating day. Today he was going to work on painting the ceilings and getting the other walls/rooms ready for painting.

He just called me at work to ask me to pick up a few things at Lowe's on my way home, and we were discussing various details about the projects, etc. When he got to my house earlier there were some boxes of wedding gifts that had been delivered - plates and stuff he wasn't too interested in. So while we're on the phone, the doorbell rings and it's another delivery of a wedding gift.

Wade: "This one's from Target."

Kim: Oh really, what is it?

(Wade unwraps the brown paper, reads the card from his cousins)

Wade: I'm not going to paint anymore.

Kim (Thinking what the heck, we just worked out all these details and you told me all the stuff you were going to do): Um, why?

Wade: Because this is a Nintendo Wii.


Bridal portraits!

My bridal portraits came back quicker than I thought!

I asked Wade if I could post the link on my blog and trust him not to peek, and he said I could, so here it is :).

Password: Bella

I'll take suggestions of your favorites if you want to give them, to help me decide what to order!