Spring discoveries

One of the fun things about living in our new house is discovering what the yard looks like in the spring. Since we bought it in December, we didn't know what trees would bloom and plants would pop up when the weather warmed up.

The two dogwoods in the left of the picture are right outside the kitchen/sunroom windows - so fun to open the blinds and see those every morning!

I don't know what these bushes are, but I was very excited when all of a sudden they had beautiful white flowers all over them!

Paisley loves all the green grass! Here she is just rolling away in it :).

Precious puppy.

What would I do without sweet Paisley?

Meanwhile, back at the condo...

These azaleas had been quite dead for about a year before we moved out. I have not grown my mom's green thumb yet, so they were all sickly, diseased-looking, scraggly and not a single flower on them all last year, including last spring. Imagine my surprise when I went over to check on the condo the other day and they looked like THIS - despite the fact that no one lives there or takes care of them! Apparently they are independent little guys.

But that wasn't all... These guys I had planted in October when we put the condo on the market thinking I would just get a few weeks of life out of them since they're annuals. Nope, they are standing tall and proud, again with no one watering them or anything else!

And, last but not least, my knockout roses - no buds on them yet, but these were so sick-looking last fall that I just cut them down to the ground and figured they would kindof go away. Now with zero care they are full and green and 3 feet tall again! Crazy.

Update on life:

As you can tell, we still own the condo and it is still for sale! It's been on the market almost 7 months now. We've had about 10 showings in that time and 1 offer for an absurdly low price (25% less than our asking price). Unfortunately those buyers were totally unreasonable and their best offer would still have resulted in us losing $25,000 of our actual money we've put into the condo, so we would not go that low. Unless someone shows up real quick (like tomorrow), I guess the tax credit is probably going to pass on by as a selling point. But we're still just praying and trusting that God has a plan.

Wade is still busy with basketball camps, teaching & grad school. I am still busy with who knows what - I don't know where the time goes :). We're loving each other and being married more and more each day it seems like. So sappy, but it's true! Even when some circumstances in life aren't ideal right now, it's so fun to have someone else with a sense of humor like yours, someone else to bounce ideas off of, someone else to just rest your head on at the end of the day. I can't thank God nearly enough for perfectly matching Wade and me, and loving us more than we can even love each other!