Tiny Tapp is on the way!

Well, blog world, we have a new addition on the way to the Tapp household! "Tiny Tapp" is due in mid-January... making me 8.5 weeks pregnant now. We had our first ultrasound last week, so here's the little gummy bear, measuring a tall 1.62 cm.

We are so excited about this little one! It's still very surreal and hard to connect this picture with a living thing actually inside my body, but we are so thankful that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with a new life and pray He will be preparing us for parenthood over the next 7ish months.
I haven't been feeling too bad yet. At this point I think it's a boy, but I don't know what that's based on :). I'll be very surprised (but excited too) if it's a girl. I guess we'll find that out in mid-late August. Our next scheduled appointment will be to hear the heartbeat (they couldn't get the sound to work at the first ultrasound) when I'm 11 weeks, before Wade leaves for grad school.


One year!

On Sunday, we celebrated our one-year anniversary! Everyone has asked "whether it feels like it's been a year" - which I don't know how to answer, because I don't know how long a year is supposed to feel like. But, it's been a busy year, with lots of new things, so I guess it does feel at least that long!

The country club made us an anniversary cake just like our wedding cake, which we nibbled on while watching our wedding video Sunday night :). We're going to a conference this weekend, which will be kindof like a "weekend away" anniversary trip... it's all the way in exotic Concord, NC - but hey, it's a free stay in a nice hotel with all our meals paid for. And there's nothing more romantic to me than free & cheap things :).