Back to the Madelyn show

Wedding - done. Now we can get back to auntie-style blogging with more pictures of Madelyn! She's 4.5 months now, and starting to get towards sitting on her own. She also loves making noise and various expressions with her mouth :). I can't wait to play with her at the beach all weekend for the 4th of July!

I was there for bath time the other night... here she is giggling, getting ready.

Naked baby, making out with her stuffed bunny. So cute.

"Oh no you di--n't!"

Slightly distressed, probably by the camera flash.

No flash = much better.

Just relaxin' all cool, you know, gettin' my hair did.

Babies, bathtubs, washcloths... they just make cute pictures.

Always making funny lips, this one.

Still coming together

Our master bedroom is still slowly coming together... I'm excited by the two most recent accomplishments, which are hanging pictures and getting nightstands.

The desk area and that side of the room are still rather cluttered with papers and wedding stuff and just things I don't know what to do with, but I like finally having pictures back on the wall. The black & white ones over my desk are some of our engagement pictures :).

We hung my bridal portrait over the dresser - I think it's a good spot for it.

Yay for nightstands instead of the lamp boxes the lamps had been sitting on! We found these at Ashley Furniture - they went with a kids' bedroom set, but we liked that they weren't too big because most of the things we saw were just huge for trying to fit two of them in a room along with a big bed. I think these are going to be a great size.


Professional wedding pics

Ok, I got no comment love for the honeymoon, so here is the link to our professional photo proofs from the wedding :).

Password (if it asks): bella



We're back and getting settled after a WONDERFUL time in Mexico! We would definitely recommend have a week in between the wedding and honeymoon. It was perfect for being able to re-group, shift gears, pack and be ready to relax.

We flew out early Saturday morning, June 6, and arrived in Cancun around 11:30 local time. Everything was really smooth (minor check-in panic when we saw the line for Delta at 5:45 a.m. but it went fine) and we didn't even see many people with masks or anything related to the swine flu.

This is in the main lobby of the hotel. It's actually when we were about to leave, but it could like like a just-arrived picture too :).

This is also on the flight home, but just pretend it was on the flight there :).

The resort had a maze of pools everywhere you went. It was crazy how perfectly it was made for relaxing. They had these hammocks over the pools in some places, some areas with jacuzzi jets (within the regular water though, not hot tubs), big ledges with shallower water where you could put your lounge chair and slip into and out of the water as necessary, swim-up bars to get your all-included drinks without getting out of the pool, beds and lounge chairs everywhere with plenty of shade or sun as you liked... And the water was the perfect temperature - cool enough to be refreshing, but never cold enough to make you hesitate to get in.

The water was gorgeous, as you can see here, and the sky always looked like that - deep blue with white puffy clouds scattered throughout.

For a little diversion, we liked going over to the game area, where they had pool and ping pong. I was impressed that there were no balls or paddles or cue sticks missing, especially since you didn't have to check them out from anywhere - they were just there.

My life goal of seeing clear ocean water has been realized! It was a little rocky and seaweedy going into the ocean, so we didn't go in a lot, but it looks pretty here. Also, the sand was really nice and not too hot... we were saying that maybe the fact that it's a little lighter in color helps it stay cooler than, say, SC beach sand - so you didn't burn your feet walking across it, even in the middle of the day.

This is actually the day we arrived - here is Wade with his welcome drink in a melon :). Mine was in a pineapple. The people at the Excellence Riviera Cancun take care of everything! It was a stellar place to go, I'd say.


First few wedding pics!

These pictures are courtesy of my wonderful new sister-in-law, Whitney! I'm sure our photographer pics won't be ready for a while, especially considering they had 3 weddings to photograph our weekend alone!

This is from my bridal portrait day back in March.

Bridesmaids' luncheon with Hillary & Madelyn :). Lunch was wonderful - many thanks to my aunts Lisa and Charlotte for hosting it!
More bridesmaids at the luncheon - love my Carolina girls!
Taking pictures before the ceremony. Our family friend Mary Ruth Diffey did all the wedding flowers and they were beautiful!
Whitney and me :)

Wade and his groomsmen before the ceremony

Cutting the cake