15 weeks!

I was 15 weeks yesterday... Wednesday I went to the doctor & heard the heartbeat again - so fun :). The baby had hiccups (the midwife said) while she was listening to the heartbeat. So far everything is going really well. I feel good, Wade's home from grad school and gearing up for CDS to start.

The glider & the crib came in, so the nursery is even starting to take shape!

The glider is so comfortable, and I picked this gray color so it would be neutral (boy or girl) and also could go in another room of our house someday after we don't need a nursery. The crib is a little taller than most of the others I saw, which I figured would be good for tall parents :). It was really easy to put together too.

Me at 15 weeks... whoa, starting to pop out.

Even from the front.

So, August 18 is the big day for the ultrasound and finding out if we're having a boy or girl! I can't believe it's so soon - can't wait!


The belly begins

I'm 12 weeks pregnant today, the baby is just over 2 inches long (so I've read), and this week the belly has begun to show itself! I went shopping for some maternity clothes last weekend, partly out of boredom, but it ended up being just in time, because they've been sooo comfortable this week.

Gotta put my hand there or else it looks like one large blob :). It's a little difficult to hold our huge camera and take a self-portrait... probably would be easier with a little pocket size camera, but oh well.

Not showing too much from the front yet, but you can see it some.

Maternity jeans! Love them! It's kinda weird that I probably won't be wearing any pants with buttons or zippers for the next 6.5 months.

So far, I have been so blessed to not have terrible morning sickness or really strong symptoms of any kind. I definitely have some of most of the symptoms, but totally bearable thus far. I haven't wanted vegetables at all though, which probably needs to change soon so I can get all the right nutrients! And also the whole exercise thing has not been happening because I've gotten completely out of the habit since, um, October, but I know I've got to start doing that again as well. I'm going to try to go for a walk most days (here's hoping the 90+ degree heat will stay away for a while).

Wade went with me to the doctor before he left for grad school, and we got to hear the heartbeat! So cool. We'll go back next when I'm about 15 weeks, and then the NEXT time after that will be the gender reveal appointment! So exciting. That will probably be in mid-August I'd guess.

In the last couple weeks I also ordered a glider and crib! It felt rather early to do that, but I got good deals on both I think. The glider was still a pretty big splurge, but it's sooo comfortable and I know I'll spend many hours of the day and night in it. The crib was on clearance and was the only one that seemed tall enough for Wade & me. Now to find a relatively inexpensive dresser we can fix up and paint - the baby dressers they sell at baby stores are crazy expensive!