Bumbo girl

I had a fun visit with Hillary & Madelyn yesterday, catching up and working on a couple last wedding projects.  My camera battery needed charging, so I didn't get as many pictures as I would've liked, but I got a couple of the big girl sitting in her Bumbo.  It's still a little hard to keep that head balanced on her little neck for a long time, but she liked it at least :).

Staring intently at the feet.

What?  You want something from me?

Bummer that this rainy/cloudy weekend has prevented me from getting a little more tan, but it's been nice to just relax inside for the most part and enjoy our last weekend before marriage!  I've been a lot more conscious of wanting mom to be here this week - it just doesn't feel like I should be able to carry out all the plans and get married without her.  I'm hoping to spend as much time as possible this week just reflecting on the bigness of everything - the commitment we're making, and the changes we'll go through, and the support we have, and the losses we feel even in the midst of it.  There's a lot of soul stuff to recognize, I'm beginning to understand.


The Home Stretch

Well, we're on the home stretch, folks. Only 12 more days til Kris pronounces Mr. and Mrs. Wade Tapp! I can't believe I only have ONE more weekend of not being married in my whole life!

The past couple weeks have gone by pretty quickly - just filled with to-do list tasks and spending time with Wade. The wedding checklist is looking good... I just have to finish printing & assembling the programs, have a few last communications with vendors, delegate the day-of tasks like getting presents & stuff back from the reception, and that's about it! Oh, and lay out as much as possible this weekend if it is sunny.

Paisley has been enjoying all the time she gets to spend with Duke (the Tapps' dog). At Wade's mom's insistence I NEVER go over there without bringing Paisley. They are two of the funniest dogs you will ever meet I think. They have so much personality and we laugh endlessly at them and their antics.

I'm also trying to actually think about life after The Wedding. Mostly, what and how I am going to COOK to feed the appetite of The Wade. What I got used to cooking as a single girl is like 1/30th what I need to be prepared for going forward. And the last couple months with wedding planning, I've barely cooked or gone to the grocery store at all (counting on Wade getting enough to eat at his parents' house). Plus all the pressure (mostly self-imposed, not from Wade) to fix something new most nights of the week (instead of cooking once and eating leftovers for the next 5 days like I could do myself). And no more "I'm not that hungry, I'll just grab an apple and some crackers for dinner." My kitchen and I are about to get hard-core reacquainted!


A Bridal Mad-Lib

The following is a Mad-Lib (remember those?) created especially for me by the ladies at my last bridal shower.  The fill-in-the-blank words are in pink.  It's pretty funny :).

Dear Diary,
I can't believe I'm getting married 4 weeks from today!  I am so excited to go to Mexico for our honeymoon!

I can already picture it: Wade in his chartreuse swim trunks, me looking loud in my bikini, lying together on the sand under the Mexican sun and drinking sangria.  It's going to be ridiculous.

I hope I don't forget to pack my crocs because without them I would be completely stinky.  Wade says he's going to bring a toilet brush but I'm not sure what for.

The trip's not just going to be about having lots of sex.  (Although I am enthused about the sex part.)  We're also going to play cricket and wash the windows and hopefully even pick our noses.

I'm sure the food will be smokin', just like our love.  I bet we'll eat pigs' feet, edamame, broccoli and beanie weenies.  I hope the local food and water doesn't give us a sinus infection.

This is going to be the slowest week of my life.

Love, Kimmie

P.S. Do you think Wade swallows in his sleep?  I guess I'm about to find out.


More weekend festivities

Last weekend I had my final shower as a bride!  They have all been so much fun, but the fact that they're over just means the wedding is that much closer!

I actually went to two showers on Saturday because my small group leader from high school had a baby shower in the morning.  It was so good to see Kim again - I am so excited for her and Keith welcoming this miracle baby girl into their family in July!

The Kims :)

Hillary and Libba threw a Mexican themed shower Saturday evening.  They fixed some amazing fajitas, margaritas and tres leches cake - YUM!  Thanks girls - I love you both so much.

After the shower, I stuck around for Madelyn's bath time...  which apparently she usually loves, but decided to hate it when Aunt Kimmy was there.  These were pretty much the only two moments she wasn't screaming during the whole time :).  But so cute!

I think she looks like such a big girl here!  11 weeks old :).


A few things from this week

In reverse order of how they happened (because that's just how Blogger decided to upload the pictures despite any correct order I might have put them in)...

I went to dad's house today after work with the intention of sewing myself a little ring bearer pillow.  Because mom taught me how to sew a pillow when I was like 9, and I'm sure it's just like riding a bicycle.  But not knowing much about working the sewing machine other than turning it on, it jammed every time I tried to start a stitch.  I had no idea whether it needed a different setting or different thread, or just a different operator, but it was obvious it was not going to work for me.  So I got out the needle and thread and sewed it by hand, all the while thinking why am I doing this just to save $10 or however much it would cost to buy one?  The finished product isn't bad - I'm no Linda Johns in the seamstress department, but it will suffice for a 30-second walk down the aisle I think.

Earlier this morning, Haverty's delivered our new bed!  I love it!

Wednesday night, the girls in my community group from Hope threw an Around the Clock shower for me!  It was so fun and we got some great, creative gifts for every time of day (and night!).  This is the PPC (party planning committee) afterwards...  next up, baby showers for the two on the ends :).

And last weekend, was my bachelorette/lingerie shower Friday night, and then a bed & bath shower with college friends Saturday.  It was so great to see all these girls, many of whom I don't see that often, and I think I was recovering all week from staying up late Friday and all the festivities.

My last shower is tomorrow - I can't believe I'm getting married LATER THIS MONTH!!