Random cuteness

Last night our community group celebrated Matt Ham's (one of our leaders) graduation from seminary with a cookout and lawn party at the Lukes' house.

This is our community group's first baby... little Barrett is 4 months and has the cutest, most expressive eyes and funny expressions.  She also looks JUST like her daddy!

This was our attempt at giving her an alfalfa sprout, though you can't see it very well in this picture.  I think she was a little surprised by the flash in this picture - don't you love the double chin? :)

And here's MY baby, in one of her new positions - her head hanging off the side of the bed.  I don't see how that's comfortable, but whatever.


Tim McGraw!

Summer is starting... and that means fun things to do with fun people I love!

Friday night, for an early birthday present, Wade got us tickets to the Tim McGraw concert as a surprise!  I've been to a handful of country concerts at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (due to the country megaticket I purchased 2 years ago), but I've never gotten to sit in the actual seats close up.  Nor have I ever gone to a concert with "a boy" as I told Wade... I tell you what, it is really fun to go on a date with someone you love - dress up cute, hear them say you look beautiful, hold hands and share each moment together - ok, ok, too sappy.

Anyway, here we are before the concert (me with the cowboy hat I borrowed from his sister):

There's ol' Tim singing:

Us with Tim in the background to prove we were really there:

Tim signing autographs:

After a great show:

And here's a little snippet of Live Like You Were Dying for your enjoyment:

Thanks for a great night and that $13 strawberry daquiri babe!


New Job!

I am super excited about this news...

I have officially resigned from the Girl Scouts and accepted a job at Christ Covenant Church as the Media Production Coordinator! The new job seems like it will fit perfectly with my skills and experience, and I will be able to use both for God's kingdom instead of the world's.

I've had plenty of good times in my 3.5 years with the Girl Scouts and some co-workers whom I love, but recently I have been feeling very frustrated, discouraged, and disillusioned by the management and direction of the organization overall. I'm sure there are plenty of Girl Scout leaders and girls who love the Lord and seek to follow Him through their Girl Scout activities, but that is not the case with the "professional" part of the organization, which is more and more about seeking the approval and opinion of the wealthy and elite community members, wanting to boast about all the great things being done "for girls" that are actually quite self-serving. I also have a hard time wanting to devote my life to building girls' self-esteem through a program completely devoid of the One who actually gives them their true value.

God has truly been leading me in this whole process, and has been faithful even when I was fearful and anxious.

I'm also looking forward to...
(1) Working across the sidewalk from where Wade is going to be teaching next year :) and visiting him at lunch or after school
(2) Being 5 minutes from my mom's house, so I can visit on lunch breaks and chat with her on the porch by the waterfall
(3) Interacting with people I know from my days at Christ Covenant, and people who know my family and Wade's family
(4) Maybe getting to go on a work-sanctioned mission trip (if they have those :))
(5) Having prayer as an integral part of staff meetings and work in general
(6) Working for a boss who cares about my spiritual growth, as well as my relationships with family and life outside of work
(7) A 37.5 hour work week!

I finish up at the Girl Scouts right before Memorial Day weekend, and then I'm going to enjoy 2 weeks off to lay out by the pool, hopefully do some gardening, get some car repairs taken care of, hang out with Wade, distance myself from the negative environment I've been in and get ready for the next chapter :). I start at Christ Covenant June 9th!


I'm in the news!

Click here for the Charlotte Observer's website, the entertainment/events section...


I'm in picture #22!


This weekend was the moment I've been waiting about 9 months for... Wade's graduation from Covenant College! I'm so proud of his achievements, and so ready to experience the next chapter in our relationship - and mostly SO EXCITED to be able to live in the same city together!

It was a special & fun weekend, because both my parents and Wade's parents got to make the trip up, as well as his Aunt Kim, whom I had not met yet.

Here are our two families before his Senior Banquet Friday night. Tell me my mom doesn't look so cute and hip in her outfit? She had that cute fitted little top, a kindof flared-bottom linen skirt, and the belt accent. Who else could wear that with 2 ostomy bags underneath and no one would even notice?

Posing for lots of pictures in the cap and gown after the ceremony... This is just one :).

Saturday night, my parents wanted to see Covenant's campus, so we walked around and Wade gave them the full tour. Then we took some pictures one last time, sitting on the Covenant College sign.

It's been so fun for me to visit every few weeks or month, and see where Wade lives and meet his friends. It's a little sad that we won't have that beautiful setting for visits anymore, but I will definitely "settle" for Charlotte scenery and seeing Wade multiple times a week :). He's substitute teaching up there at least for this week, and after that it will depend on how much substituting they have for him. My vote is for him to come home THIS weekend, but we'll see what happens :). He's coaching basketball camps this summer before school starts in August and he starts teaching little 8th graders about physical science!

Congratulations baby!