Chop chop

It's the first day of spring, and the Tapps thought it would be a good day to shorten things up a bit.

My hair...
Wowza! This is probably the shortest Wade has ever seen it.

Not the most amazing haircut in the world, but when you're on a budget, sometimes ya gotta use your $4.99 coupon to Great Clips and just rock it no matter what.

And the yard... first mow! The weeds were out of control before this, so this looks a hundred times better.

Check out those lines. Wade did a great job :).

And, just a silly picture of Paisley wearing Wade's shirt to round things out.

Maybe with the onset of spring I'll be more consistent with the blog. I've been feeling like there's nothing to post about (and there really hasn't been). But in the next couple weeks I have some bachelorette parties & showers & such, so they should be some fun weeks! :)