Busy weeks

The last week or two has been pretty busy it seems, but fun stuff mostly. I did have my bridal portraits last Saturday... even though it was a little chilly, I'm thankful that it was the one sunny weekend sandwiched between two completely rainy ones!

The photographers thought it would be cool to do an "architectural" look, so we went downtown and took them at various spots. It was really fun to get my hair done (Hillary's girl Kathy did an amazing job!), makeup (Wade's sister Whitney also did an amazing job!), put on the dress and shoes and jewelry, and get to be a semi-model for a few hours :). We took some on the steps of an old church, some along Tryon Street with the beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom, some on this old turquoise couch they brought with them and staged at a couple locations... I can't wait to see them, although it may be another week or two before they're ready. I'm trying to forget about them in the meantime so the time will go faster!

Last week I also met with the wedding coordinator at Church at Charlotte for a little bit to ask some questions and look at the sanctuary. It was good to have a little communication with them and be assured that they really do have our wedding on their calendar!

This past weekend (in the pouring rain) my roommate moved out and into her new condo that she bought! She's been a great roommate for 2 years, and I'm excited for her taking the step of buying her own place. It was so weird how quickly the house began to feel more like "our" house (Wade's & mine) without Jocelyn there. Wade and I moved some furniture around (read: out of my room) to give us some more space. The house feels SO big now! There's, like, actual floor space in my room. Where you can walk. Or sit. Or do handstands. Or have a picnic. The possibilities are endless.

We claimed/inherited my grandfather's desk and it was moved in to the guest room yesterday. It's a big, substantial desk, and it looks really good in there. Wade is so excited because he's claiming basically that whole room for himself :). His knees can actually fit under the desk, and he can look out the windows while he sits there. He says he's going to use that bathroom when we're married too because his knees won't hit the tub while sitting on the toilet (master bathroom = tee-tiny), and he'll probably use the closets in there as well.

At some point in the coming month I'm going to turn him loose on painting a bunch of stuff - starting with both upstairs bathrooms and their peeling ceilings. Then we'll probably paint some furniture, and possibly our bedroom.

The time is going to pass so quickly (as I think about all the things I need to do). There are just 3 "open" weekends, then I have showers 2 weekends in a row (can't wait!), and then there are just 3 more weekends before the big day! That's so crazy to me. Everybody keeps asking me if I've got all the planning done, and the answer is no. There are so many little details still to do. It will help now that RSVPs are coming in, so I can start to do the things that depend on numbers and names.

And tomorrow, I will officially be able to say "I'm getting married next month!" :)


Madelyn update

Since I've become the semi-official source of Madelyn updates, I may as well spread the news that she went to the doctor yesterday (I'm assuming for her one-month checkup), and was 8 lbs, 11 oz and 21.5 inches long. That's 25th percentile in weight, 75th in height - long and lean like her mama!

And in Aunt Kim's world... my bridal portraits are on Saturday! Thankfully, it should be sunny, though a little chilly. I will have my hair done for real, and Wade's sister Whitney is going to do my makeup. It will be fun to get everything on - dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, etc. - just like the real day. Maybe it will help it seem more real to me, because lately it just seems like this nebulous thing I'm planning. 72 more days...


One month old!

Madelyn turned one month old today.  We didn't have a big party or anything... she's pretty modest, and asked for no gifts and no clowns or magicians or jumping castles.  Just a visit from Aunt Kim and Uncle Wade and grandpa.  She also asked for a Tar Heel victory in the ACC tournament, but unfortunately you don't always get everything you ask for...

Here I am with mommy - I'm getting so big already!

My baby papasan chair at least looks like the most comfortable thing in the world.  Aunt Kim wishes she could be snuggled up like this right about now.

The end.

The faces of Madelyn

I think Madelyn's top talent at one month old is making faces.  She is a very entertaining little show with all the faces she makes.  Here are some from today...

Laughing at something in her sleep

She likes to stick that tongue out

Just chillin'

Yay!  I don't know if I'm playing or about to fuss...

This is all SO beneath me

Uh oh, something's not going right


Big yawn!

Zonked out


Genius on our hands

Ok, I still don't have any new pictures of Madelyn... I know, terrible aunt! I wanted to get one of her in her Tar Heel onesie yesterday when we watched the Duke game, but I just never did, and then she was asleep and I didn't want to wake her up with the camera noise.

But, I just had to post a little brag that Madelyn ROLLED OVER this weekend, at 3 weeks old! Front to back. Twice. Yes, we have a prodigy here :).

End of brag.


Kitchen Shower!

I had my first shower right before the snow hit this weekend :). Some of the women in Wade's mom's covenant group hosted it, and it was so sweet and such an honor for me to experience.

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First gift - a 6-sided cheese grater, which will no doubt be 50% better than my existing 4-sided cheese grater!

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Opening up something else

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Dad came and chatted it up with all the women :). My aunt Laurie (mom's sister) gave one of the devotions, evoking several tears in the room!

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We got all of our silverware - so exciting!

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Love this lady! Mary Ruth gave the other devotion and encouraged me to always give Wade respect, even when he doesn't deserve it. I know that will be a sound piece of advice for me to remember!

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My aunt Lisa came down from Hickory - always fun to get to see her :). Hope she made it back in the snow!

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Some of the ladies (and dad).

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Margarita set! Who wants to come over for the first party?

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Reading sweet cards from people :).

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My dad's so cute back there :).

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We played a game where everyone had to answer a multiple-choice quiz with questions about Wade and me. I think dad technically won, with 22 out of 26, but since he probably didn't have a lot of use for the gift, it went to my aunt Lisa with 20/26.

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Lots of good food going on. Also, check out my sister in the striped sweater... yes, she just had a baby 2 weeks ago! It was Madelyn's first trip out besides the pediatrician, and she did great (sorry no pictures of her!). All the women were like, "does this baby ever actually cry?"

So all in all, it was a very fun afternoon. Wade and I also bought our wedding rings this weekend! I still need to pick mine up from being sized, and then we just need to find the best place to keep them for 3 months where they won't get lost!