Life, of late

I feel like I need to post something, not to move away from remembering mom, but kindof... Just to process life and know that it is still going on. And it has been going on, pretty busily - just with a void and emptiness without mom's presence.

  • A week or two ago, my aunt/uncle/cousins got a little yellow lab puppy named Maggie. They got her at 8 weeks old, and about 9 pounds... SO cute. I wish I had pictures, but when I went to visit I only had my cell phone with me and she wouldn't look at the camera phone or even let me get near with it (not that I would have known how to upload the pictures I did take). I'll have to take Paisley over to meet her once Maggie has all her shots, and then maybe I'll have pictures.
  • Last Friday night, Wade and I babysat for my friends Lindsay & Adam's 7-month-old Caleigh and her 1-year-old friend Maggie. It was so fun because they are the cutest little girls. The funniest thing (and kindof scary) was that Lindsay & Adam had put their dog Bailey (a boxer mix) out on the porch because she really doesn't like strangers and especially Maggie. So Bailey is baring her teeth and barking ferociously on the other side of the glass, and Maggie is just banging on the windows and laughing her head off at this dog. It was probably better than her being really upset the whole time, but it was a little disturbing that she wasn't at all afraid of this dog lunging & barking at her.
  • Saturday I went to a pool party with my friend Marcy, which was fun and relaxing, then a Christmas-in-July birthday party for one of Wade's roommate. After that Wade and I went downtown to meet up with his roommate from this past year at Covenant who was in town for the evening. It was so fun to see him, and funny to be the "outsider" to a different group of friends recounting college stories and old jokes. Now I see what other people experience when they crash our Carolina reunions :).
  • Other than that, I've been trying to get my homeowners' association to take care of a problem with drainage I have at my condo - namely, the area outside my front door floods and fills with mud every time it rains, and 4 times now it has flooded under the front door into my house. I'm enjoying my job at Christ Covenant too, and excited for Wade to start teaching in just a matter of weeks!

That's about all for now... hopefully I'll have some pictures of something fun soon :).


Mom, Remembered

We had a wonderful memorial service for mom this morning, where God was honored and His Word was preached clearly and unabashedly - exactly what she wanted.  The graveside service with our family was really special, and the cemetery where her ashes are now buried is just beautiful.  It's so mom.  A lot of it looks just like her backyard, with natural areas, trees, bushes, flowers and benches.  She's buried right next to Hope Stout, a 13-year-old girl who died of cancer several years ago and was in the news for her "make-a-wish" being that all the other kids got their wishes.

Hundreds came to celebrate mom's life, and more importantly the life of Christ she is inseparable from.  For those who wanted the words to the poem I read, here they are...  Mom wrote this for me before I graduated from high school 8 years ago:

God chose you for His very own before all time began.
He spoke your name and formed your soul forever in His plan.
God's plans for us are certain; they're not a passing whim.
He placed you in my life and heart, my precious daughter Kim.

Trust the Lord for everything, though you can't understand.
His ways are not like our ways; His plan is not our plan.
Seek His face and read His Word; spend time alone with Him.
Then spread His love to all you meet, my precious daughter Kim.

Give God your gifts and weaknesses, for when you can't, He can.
He has a purpose for your life forever in His plan.
Delight each day in His love for you and return that love to Him.
I thank God every day for you, my precious daughter Kim.



Visitation will be Tuesday, July 8 from 5-8 pm at the funeral home, Harry & Bryant, on Providence Road.
The service will be Thursday, July 10 at 11:30 am at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews.

Come and be touched by mom's life if you'd like :).


It's finished.

Linda Johns
February 26, 1951 - July 4, 2008

Mom went home to be with the Lord about 9:45 tonight.  It's been a very long few days, not to mention the weeks, months and years leading up to now...  But praise God that she is out of pain - no more cancer, no more nausea, no more drugs & needles.

I love you so much, mom - more than I could EVER express with words or actions.  You've been the best mom in the entire world, and you've touched everyone who knew you with your sweet spirit, warmth, and especially your unwavering faith in our Lord.  We'll see you again!

--------------------Added Saturday, July 5th----------------------------

Thank you all so much for your prayers for me and my family over the last weeks, months, and even years. We decided Mom "went out with a bang" on the 4th of July. My dad, sister, brother-in-law, and I were all there with her at her bedside. She had been unresponsive for 22 hours or so, just breathing shallowly and finishing the race. All day, we had all been holding her hands, talking to her and telling her how much we loved her and that it was ok to let go now.

Around 9:30, my dad started talking close to her ear about how much he loved her, all the people waiting for her in heaven, how we were going to take care of her garden and everything here for her and we were going to be ok, and things like that, and her breathing and heart rate just slowed and slowed until she was gone, while he was still talking. It was really heart-wrenching, but special too.

It's hard to let it sink it that this whole battle is over and she's completely free of suffering and pain FOREVER now. It's overwhelming and relieving, like a huge burden has been lifted and at the same time a huge hole has been gouged in my heart. Right now, the grief is a little stronger than the joy, but the joy is still there for her - dancing on the streets of gold, completely whole and new.

I don't know yet when funeral services and things will be, but I will let you all know for anyone who wants to come. Thanks again for everyone's prayers and support - it means a lot to me and our family.