Madelyn's 6 months old!

A few days ago Madelyn turned 6 months old! She gets cuter and cuter every day, and I think we're entering the zone when the milestones pick up the pace and she's doing new things all the time. She's sitting, pushing up on her arms like she wants to crawl, eating pureed foods, standing and "dancing" if you hold her hands, getting teeth... I can see similarities to Hillary's baby pictures more & more, especially in her expressions & her eyes/brow area.

Hill sent these pictures, so I'm being her unsolicited blogger to get them out to the world (or the small piece of it that reads my blog)!

Hi little miss priss!

The grin, showing the teeth :).

Trying to feed herself some sweet potatoes.

Johnny Jump Up

Naked baby!

Num num num.
3 days til we get to babysit!


End-of-summer fun

The last couple weeks have been a fun time in transition between our unexpectedly busy summer schedule and our upcoming busy fall schedule. Even though I still had to work normal hours, Wade had in-service teacher meetings and was prepping lesson plans & things, we've spent more time doing things together lately and it's been so fun.

Two weeks ago, we started P90X together... in case you don't know, it's a pretty intense workout program on DVD that you do at home with minimal equipment. It is intense because each individual workout kicks your butt, and you also do it 6 days a week, so the soreness just magnifies & multiplies and makes you feel like you will never again be able to do such things as wash your hair, walk up a step, bend over, etc. The thought behind P90X is muscle confusion - you don't give your muscles a chance to get used to the same motion or routine, so you avoid the plateau effect. Wade is doing this to get ripped - I am doing this to actually consistently work out again and to have a common goal to reach with Wade.

We've also slept in until almost noon the past THREE Saturdays! I always feel slightly guilty & grumpy when I wake up that late, because I feel like I must have things to do and now I've wasted half the day, but in retrospect, I'm sure we should enjoy as many of these lazy Saturday mornings as possible before we have kids!

This weekend, we also went all-out crazy college-esque and stayed up til almost FIVE a.m. Saturday night (Sunday morning) watching a movie, then slept in til 1:00 (skipping church, yes, I know bad, but we did listen to a Tim Keller sermon when we got up). I love the movie North & South - it was actually a TV miniseries made in like 1985 - with Patrick Swayze, Kirstie Alley, David Carradine and a bunch of other people - about 2 families leading up to and during the Civil War. The whole thing is about 24 hours long, but we watched 6 or 7 hours Saturday night and some more yesterday. It's so addictive and I finally got Wade hooked too :).

Other things we've done together lately:
(1) Domino's Pizza run one night because we had a coupon
(2) Super Walmart for groceries
(3) Homeowners' association meeting (and somehow we got signed up for the grounds committee during that)
(4) CDS teachers' potluck dinner
(5) Got new phones at T-Mobile and I joined the Tapps' family plan
(6) Emergency ice cream run around 11 p.m.
(7) Watched various comedians on YouTube on Wade's laptop in our bed before going to sleep
(8) Looked at houses online and debated the pros & cons, whens & hows of selling our condo and buying a house

School starts tomorrow for Wade, and this coming weekend we're babysitting for Madelyn for Hillary & Allen's 5th anniversary. Fun!


Getting an early start...

LOVE these pictures that Hillary just sent me. Here is Madelyn, getting acquainted with a Carolina tradition.

So cute!!!